Biodiesel GC
  • BioDiesel BioDiesel
Biodiesel GC
Biodiesel GC
  • FID
  • On-Column Injector
  • Built-in "whisper quiet" air compressor
  • 15m Capillary Column
  • Compact 310 Chasis or 8610c chasis

The SRI BioDiesel GC System is configured to perform ASTM 6584 ( residual free and bound Glycerin in BioFuel ). Analysis takes about 25 minutes and is simple enough for an untrained operator to perform in the lab or in the field. The included PeakSimple Data System displays the calibrated results directly without off-line calculations. This gas chromatograph satisfies all of the requirements of ASTM 6584 for a fraction of the cost of competitive instruments and includes 4 hours of operator training and a 2 year warranty.

8610-6584 BioDiesel GC System $7890.00
8690-0070 Optional built-in air compressor $ 595.00

Upgrades/Customizations available