About us

SRI Instruments

SRI Instruments is a manufacturer of high quality chromatography instruments and accessories. We take pride in providing our customers with exceptional service and attention, which is reflected in our high level of customer satisfaction. When you call SRI Instruments, we always answer the phone, typically on the first ring with no outsourced call center, no auto-attendant, or voicemail menus between you and the answers you seek from our knowledgeable technical staff.


All SRI Instruments chromatography products are rugged, portable and quickly field deployable.


We specialize in custom gas chromatographs, but we offer many preconfigured GCs for common applications. Each GC includes a built-in PeakSimple data system with software, and connects to your Windows computer with a USB cable.


We manufacture affordable, portable, gas chromatographs, and data systems, for lab and field use. Our instruments are Made in the U.S.A. - our biggest competitors can't always say that. We specialize in all levels of GC systems - from very simple to very complex. Whether you need to measure deuterium in water, or medical herb potency, call us to discuss your application or instrument configuration.


10 Great Reasons to choose an SRI Instruments GC or data system:

1. Our instruments are typically HALF (or less) the price of comparable units from other manufacturers.
2. Our instruments are small enough to ship FedEx/UPS or as accompanied airline baggage and they come in a rugged, re-usable shipping container.
3. Choose from 16 GC detectors, and mount up to 4, or more (if compatible) on one GC. No one offers more detector choices.
4. Choose from 17 GC injector types, and install up to 5 on one GC. Perform more types of analyses on one GC than you thought possible!
5. The built-in PeakSimple for Windows™ chromatography data system connects to your computer using a USB 2.0 cable. Software updates are FREE and can be downloaded here.
6. SRI Instruments instruments come with a 2 year warranty and free technical support. When you call SRI Instruments, you reach a knowledgeable technician immediately, not voicemail.
7. Easy hardware upgrades—SRI Instruments can install an additional detector or injector on your existing 8610C or 310 GC in a matter of days
8. Customization! SRI Instruments offers many possible GC configurations. Name your application.
9. Rent a GC if your need is short term. SRI Instruments maintains a selection of GCs so you can have what you need when you want it.
10. CE, TUV, GS, and NRTL approvals: SRI Instruments manufactures all instruments in compliance with EN 61010 standards for laboratory equipment.


SRI Instruments is not related in any way to SRI International (formerly Stanford Research Institute), located in Menlo Park, California. SRI International is, however, a customer and user of SRI Instruments products.

SRI Instruments reserves the right to make changes in price, content, description, configuration, functionality, terms, etc., at any time without notice. Goods are subject to prior sale (in the case of reconditioned instruments and rental systems). We reserve the right to cancel a sale (due to buyer disqualification, buyer past payment history, legal restrictions, etc.). We reserve the right to share buyer information with law enforcement and government agencies when requested to do so, or if illegal activity is suspected. We will not sell our products directly, or indirectly, through third parties, in the following countries, due to US government embargoes and/or sanctions: North Korea, Cuba, Syria, and Iran. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone