Chromatography is the most commonly used method for analyzing chemical compounds.
SRI Instruments manufactures preconfigured and custom-built gas chromatographs (GCs),
and chromatography data systems for use with any brand of GC or other instrument

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SRI makes four different GC chassis: Models 8610C, 8610D, 410, and 310. We also offer a stand-alone detector chassis, Model 110, for adding detectors to an existing GC.

SRI Instruments

SRI PeakSimple data systems simply connect to your laptop or desktop PC with a cable. No boards to install.
Gas Chromatographs are our specialty. Customize one with 16 detector types, 12 injector types, and accessories. Choose from five GC models, and one stand alone detector chassis for use with any make or model GC. Mount up to four (or more) detectors on one GC. Mount multiple injectors on one GC. Many custom configurations are possible.

For your Windows-based computer: 1 or 6 channel USB 3.0 compatible models. Featuring easy to use, yet powerful PeakSimple software, included at no additional cost. No site licensing fees, either.

Click here for our current 2015 price list, effective January 1, 2015. Please refer to this pricing, which supersedes pricing shown on our web pages. We are not responsible, nor will we honor any erroneous or dated pricing provided by resellers.

Always confirm prices using our price list, before placing your order.

SRI Instruments is a small business (the SBA standard for our industry is < 500 employees - we have less than 50 employees total). Our company is CCR, SAM, ORCA, WAWF registered. Our product CAGE code is 09TB9, and our DUNS is 14-486-6415.

SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER: We just discovered a limited quantity of discontinued 1 channel and 4 channel RS-232 data systems in our inventory. While supplies last! These are priced to move fast! Model 203 1 channel, price $1,205.00! Model 202 4 channel, price $2,010.00.
SRI Instruments is a manufacturer of high quality chromatography instruments and accessories. We take pride in providing our customers with exceptional service and attention, which is reflected in our high level of customer satisfaction. When you call SRI Instruments, we always answer the phone, typically on the first ring— with no outsourced call center, no auto-attendant, or voicemail menus between you and the answers you seek from our knowledgeable technical staff.

SRI Instruments

20720 Earl St.
Torrance, CA 90503
310 214 5092
Fax 310 214 5097

For technical support, please call the phone number shown above, or send an e-mail to:

For after-hours technical support, between 4PM and 9PM, California time, Monday through Friday, and on weekends, please call 424 247 7168 (a local So.Cal. number)

310 214 5092
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We manufacture affordable, portable, gas chromatographs, and data systems, for lab and field use. Our instruments are Made in the U.S.A. - our biggest competitors can't always say that. We specialize in all levels of GC systems - from very simple to very complex. Whether you need to measure deuterium in water, or medical herb potency, call us to discuss your application or instrument configuration.


All SRI Instruments chromatography products are rugged, portable and quickly field deployable
Operate our instruments from the back of your truck!
A re-usable shipping crate comes standard with each SRI chromatograph.
SRI Instruments GCs are designed to be field-portable, and are delivered to you in rugged, re-usable shipping containers that may be shipped worldwide via UPS, FedEx, or DHL air courier services.

Medical herb GC systems

Medical herb testing GC system

Medical herb pesticide testing

Specific gas chromatograph configurations to measure levels of THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, etc., and pesticides measurement (organophosphate and organochloride pesticides - most commonly used pesticides, except avermectin (AVID®) and other non-phosphate or chloride types) down to 10 ppm, as well as THC in edibles (such as butter), terpenes, and residual solvents.

8610V vertical injection GC chassis

Designed for use with COBRA vertical injection 120 vial liquid autosampling system (also compatible with HTA-Italy vertical injection liquid and headspace autosamplers. Just add $2,210 to the price of any preconfigured GC system to order the GC system built onto the autosampler-ready 8610V GC chassis.

We specialize in custom gas chromatographs, but we offer many preconfigured GCs for common applications. Each GC includes a built-in PeakSimple data system with software, and connects to your Windows computer with a USB cable.
Preconfigured GCs for common applications:
Biodiesel GC for ASTM Method D-6584 glycerol in B-100 biodiesel
Natural Gas Analyzer for compositional analysis of natural gas
Capillary FID GC for general hydrocarbon analysis
CryoSulfur GC for trace sulfur in gases or ambient air (discontinued)
DGA GC for dissolved gas analysis in water and other liquids
Environmental & BTEX GCs for most EPA 8000 series methods
Explosives GC for nitro-aromatic & nitramine explosives in the field
Geoprobe GC for continuous VOCs & separation of purge gas
Greenhouse Gas GC for methane, CO2 and N2O
Medical Herb Potency GC for measurement of THC, CBD, and CBN
Methane/Non-Methane GC for methane/ nonmethane HCs
Mud-Logging GC for total hydrocarbons plus detailed C1-C6 content
Mud-Logging GC, Rack Mount for standard 19" racks
Multiple Gas Analyzer #1 for fixed gases & light hydrocarbons
Multiple Gas Analyzer #2 for fixed gases & hydrocarbons (optionally to C20)
Multiple Gas Analyzer #3 for fixed gases and hydrocarbons, improvement over MG#2
Multiple Gas Analyzer + Sulfur for H2S, SO2, fixed gases & C1-C20 (as configured)
PCB GC for PCBs in soil and other solid matrices
Soil Gas GC for soil & gas investigation applications
TO-14 Air Monitoring GC for EPA air monitoring methods
Specially Priced Educational Instruments:
Gasless Educational CCD GC for teaching basic separation in the classroom
Educational FID GC for teaching undergraduate GC or for graduate research
Educational TCD GC for demonstrating GC on industry standard equipment
Our four GC chassis models are only the beginning!
Specify or design your application-specific custom SRI Instruments GC

Build a custom SRI Instruments GC
SRI Instruments offers 16 detector types and 17 injector types for installation on one of our five GC chassis types: 8610C, 8610D, 8610V, 310, or 410. We also make a stand-alone chassis, Model 110, with a heated transfer line for connection of our stand alone detectors and other custom solutions to your existing host GC system.
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310 214 5092
Our PeakSimple data systems are built into every SRI GC and LC, and are also available as an external unit for use with other manufacturer's instruments.

Single detector input for $1,700

Six detector inputs for $3,180

Data Systems
PeakSimple chromatography data systems are available in one or six channel USB versions. Our data system is built into every SRI Instruments GC and LC, and available separately for use with most GCs and HPLCs. Includes PeakSimple chromatography acquisition and integration software for Windows™. PeakSimple is not a stripped-down program. It is fully featured, and powerful yet easy-to-use: click here to learn more about PeakSimple, and click here for a free PeakSimple download
Choose from 16 different types and combinations of detectors.
Mount up to 4 (or more) detectors on one GC
GC Detectors
SRI Instruments makes 16 detector types for installation on the chassis of your choice. One or two detectors may be mounted on the 110 stand-alone chassis (if compatible), up to 4 on the 310 chassis, and up to 4 or more may be mounted on the 8610C, 8610D, and 8610V chassis (if compatible). Up to 6 detector signals may be acquired, integrated, and viewed simultaneously with our 6 ch. USB data system.
With the injector choices available from SRI, you can perform an amazing variety of analyses with one GC.
Mount multiple injectors on one GC
GC Injectors
Choose from 17 injector types. Mount multiple injectors on the 8610C, 8610D, and 8610V chassis. Each GC comes standard with one on-column injector, which may be upgraded to a split/splitless or heated flash vaporization injector.
SRI valves come plumbed and tested in their own heated valve oven.
Standard and custom plumbing configurations
Gas sampling and stream selector valves
SRI Instruments offers 10-port gas sampling valves and 22-port stream selector valves in standard and custom plumbing configurations. Available as electric or manually actuated, up to three may be installed in the heated valve oven on an 8610C or 8610V GC chassis. NOT AVAILABLE ON 310, 410, AND 8610D GC CHASSIS
Hydrogen generator eliminates the need for cylinder of compressed hydrogen
Proton exchange membrane technology delivers hydrogen from water
Hydrogen generator eliminates need for regulated tank storage, hydrogen tank leasing, and other concerns. Produces 100cc/minute of chromatography grade hydrogen, for carrier and FID flame use.


For CO and CO2 measurement in a single injection
Custom analytical columns
Dual column solution for CO and CO2 measurement in a single injection
SRI Instruments offers a dual column solution for analyses requiring both CO and CO2 analysis on a single injection. Dual compact packed columns are configured in parallel, offering comparable performance to well-known industry standard column solutions for this analysis, such as the CTR-1 type coaxial packed column available in the past from another manufacturer.
SPME-ready GC systems from SRI
Uniquely exceptional values on reconditioned SRI Instruments GC systems, complete with 1 year warranty
Preowned GC Systems
Contact us if you are in the market for a preowned and warrantied GC system. Completely refurbished and quality tested, our pre-owned GC systems are a good deal, and are available for near-immediate shipment. Give us a call to discuss your needs and budget concerns and limitations. We can help to try and get you into an economical solution for your analytical need.


Call to inquire about our selection of used GCs for purchase or rent 310-214-5092
Buy pre-owned or rent!
Pre-owned and stock SRI Instruments systems,
GC system rentals

If you are shopping for a used instrument, consider our inventory of GCs and stand-alone detectors, which are fully reconditioned and warrantied for one full year. We stock some new units in popular configurations available for immediate delivery, and we rent GC systems for short term projects. Call today for a quotation. 310 214 5092
10 Great Reasons to choose an SRI Instruments GC or data system:
1. SRI Instruments instruments are typically HALF (or less) the price of comparable units from other manufacturers.
2. SRI Instruments instruments are small enough to ship FedEx/UPS or as accompanied airline baggage and they come in a rugged, re-usable shipping container.
3. Choose from 16 GC detectors, and mount up to 4, or more (if compatible) on one GC. No one offers more detector choices.
4. Choose from 17 GC injector types, and install up to 5 on one GC. Perform more types of analyses on one GC than you thought possible!
5. The built-in PeakSimple for Windows™ chromatography data system connects to your computer using a USB 2.0 cable. Software updates are FREE and can be downloaded
6. SRI Instruments instruments come with a 2 year warranty and free technical support. When you call SRI Instruments, you reach a knowledgeable technician immediately, not voicemail.
7. Easy hardware upgrades—SRI Instruments can install an additional detector or injector on your existing 8610C or 310 GC in a matter of days
8. Customization! SRI Instruments offers many possible GC configurations. Name your application.
9. Rent a GC if your need is short term. SRI Instruments maintains a selection of GCs so you can have what you need when you want it.
10. CE, TUV, GS, and NRTL approvals: SRI Instruments manufactures all instruments in compliance with EN 61010 standards for laboratory equipment. Click here to view our TUV certificates. Click here to view our CE Declaration of Conformity. Click here and here for our NV state radioactive device licenses, or here for our Canadian license..

SRI Instruments — your best buy in chromatography.
Quality chromatographs sold by SRI Instruments include free training, free technical support, and free software updates. Call for details.
Two year warranty on new instruments, one year warranty on pre-owned instruments
, one year warranty on H2-100 hydrogen generators, 90 day warranty on replacement parts and service

Our prices increased on January 1, 2015.

Please call for current pricing, or download our current price list for reference prior to placing an order.

310 214 5092

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